2 Podcasts for Every Digital Marketer

2 Podcasts for every digital marketer

2 Digital Marketing Podcasts That Every Digital Marketer Should Be Listening To

In a recent blog post of mine, titled 5 Podcasts That Every Millennial Should Be Listening To, I mention that I’ve been getting into podcasts. I also mention that the reason why podcasts are so cool is that you can listen to anything that interests you while you do tasks that don’t require a lot of focus. My main interest is all things digital marketing and I’ve now found a way to squeeze in some extra time where I can hear about new techniques, strategies, tools, and technology. Today I will tell you about two podcasts that I have been enjoying that cover interesting topics while also interviewing industry leaders!

The Digital Marketing Podcast

The Digital Marketing Podcast Target InternetThe Digital Marketing Podcast is interesting because it not only gives you information on new tools, technology, techniques, and strategies but it also interviews global experts.  Every two weeks they post a new episode, which seems to speak to the quality with which they produce the show. So far, my favourite episode is 5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools. The five tools that they cover are Quill Engage, Swydo, Moz Local, Coggle, and Canva. Quill Engage is the tool that interested me the most because it will populate reports on your Google Analytics. I have yet to try out this tool but I’m assuming that you should not rely on the tool solely for gleaning information from your website data. The tool sounds more like an excellent jumping off point for your own Google Analytics reports. One of the nicer things about this podcast is that it currently is free of advertisements so you are really just getting the meat of the information.

The Marketing Book Podcast 

The Marketing Book PodcastThe second podcast that I’ve enjoyed is called The Marketing Book Podcast. The podcast revolves around interviews with best-selling authors that help keep you current in the modern thinking that surrounds marketing and new techniques and ideas for marketing. My favourite episode that I’ve listened to so far is The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman. The podcast discusses Barry Feldman and Seth Price’s book which covers the topic of personal branding. Some people believe that personal branding isn’t a necessary practice and even Barry cedes that personal branding might not be for everyone. However, he does think that everyone can find benefits in the practice and even that businesses can find use in employees with good personal brands. Personal branding is discussed as a daily practice similar to regular hygiene. Feldman mentions an example that describes how powerful personal branding can be. The author says to think of kale. It was always a nutritious food but it wasn’t until recently, through techniques like personal branding, that it became such a popular and trendy vegetable.


These podcasts are great for any digital marketer, new or old. They are an excellent way to squeeze in some extra learning while you are doing some mundane tasks. What I love about The Marketing Book Podcast is that they not only cover interesting and relevant topics for digital marketing but they also are discussing books that would be interesting to read, many of which are working their way onto my Must-Read-Next Book List. What I love about The Digital Marketing Podcast is that they branch out into different formats and draw their inspiration from different sources. Between the frequency and breadth of topic, I think that these two podcasts encompass a lot of topics that are beneficial for all digital marketers. Do you have any favourite digital marketing podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

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