4 Free Certifications That’ll Make You a Better Digital Marketer

inbound hubspot academy certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

These Four Free Certifications Will Make You Become a More Effective Digital Marketer

Having recently graduated from a graduate program at Fanshawe College for Marketing Management, I am actively seeking a position in digital marketing. I’ve been supplementing my diploma with free online certification courses across a range of applications. Not only do these courses provide a deeper understanding of how to be an effective digital marketer, but they also help round out my resume. So, I present four free online certifications that I recommend everyone get in order to be a more successful digital marketer.


HubSpot Academy

hubspot academy inbound certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

HubSpot Academy has about 7 different courses. Aside from their general main certification, you can get more specific certifications in email marketing, content marketing, contextual marketing, or develop your skills in sales through the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software. HubSpot teaches what they call an Inbound Methodology. You will be taught how to attract customers through channels like blogging, search engines, and social media. The key to inbound marketing is to create content that is designed for a specific segment of customer so that your marketing efforts do not seem interruptive. Once you get your certification the website allows you to proudly display your certification on your LinkedIn profile and use the badge on your website or resume.



Lynda lynda.com certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

Lynda.com has nearly 6000 different courses that you can take to enhance your digital marketing skills. In London, Ontario it is free for people that have a public library card. You can sign in to the website through the public library website. If you are located outside of London, Ontario then check with your public library to see if you have a similar partnership. I have yet to do a course with Lynda.com, but the videos look impressive and courses are taught by industry leaders. What’s cool about Lynda.com is that you can do individual courses that catch your attention or you can select a career path and it will populate a list of courses that you should take in order to become a master. Lynda.com has a wide range of course options such as: photography, video, 3D animation, web design, and many others. Lynda.com is also linked with LinkedIn so once you’re done your certifications you will be able to easily post the certifications to your profile.


Bing Certification

Bing ads accredited professional certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

Bing Ads offer a single certification to get you to be a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. It’s an impressive title and the content is very similar to the Google AdWords and Analytics certification. If you’ve already done those you might be successful by just attempting the exam right away. If you’re unsure about some of the content, I’d recommend going through some of their content and studying up. It doesn’t hurt to refresh yourself and there will be slight differences to the platforms. At the very least I’d recommend everyone read up on the platform information in order to be acquainted with the program.


Google Certifications

google adwords analytics shopping mobile display video mobile sites advertising certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

I know that basically everyone will have their Google AdWords and Google Analytics if they are planning to be a digital marketer but I’ve noticed that some people seem to stop at those two certifications. Google allows you to get certified for Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Sites. The information is invaluable and free! Take advantage of these freely available certifications. Aside from helping you to get a job, it will also help you to perform better within your job. By being a more effective digital marketer you will be able to provide better results for you clients.


Free certifications provide useful knowledge that you can actually use in your career and are often delivered by industry professionals. Accessing and using the information is a savvy way for you to stay up-to-date and show your employers that you are a self-starter and innovative. It is good to get into the habit of seeking out information to learn and better your skill-set. Do you know of any other free certification courses that I can try? Let me know in the comments.

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