2 Podcasts for Every Digital Marketer

2 Podcasts for every digital marketer

2 Digital Marketing Podcasts That Every Digital Marketer Should Be Listening To

In a recent blog post of mine, titled 5 Podcasts That Every Millennial Should Be Listening To, I mention that I’ve been getting into podcasts. I also mention that the reason why podcasts are so cool is that you can listen to anything that interests you while you do tasks that don’t require a lot of focus. My main interest is all things digital marketing and I’ve now found a way to squeeze in some extra time where I can hear about new techniques, strategies, tools, and technology. Today I will tell you about two podcasts that I have been enjoying that cover interesting topics while also interviewing industry leaders!

The Digital Marketing Podcast

The Digital Marketing Podcast Target InternetThe Digital Marketing Podcast is interesting because it not only gives you information on new tools, technology, techniques, and strategies but it also interviews global experts.  Every two weeks they post a new episode, which seems to speak to the quality with which they produce the show. So far, my favourite episode is 5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools. The five tools that they cover are Quill Engage, Swydo, Moz Local, Coggle, and Canva. Quill Engage is the tool that interested me the most because it will populate reports on your Google Analytics. I have yet to try out this tool but I’m assuming that you should not rely on the tool solely for gleaning information from your website data. The tool sounds more like an excellent jumping off point for your own Google Analytics reports. One of the nicer things about this podcast is that it currently is free of advertisements so you are really just getting the meat of the information.

The Marketing Book Podcast 

The Marketing Book PodcastThe second podcast that I’ve enjoyed is called The Marketing Book Podcast. The podcast revolves around interviews with best-selling authors that help keep you current in the modern thinking that surrounds marketing and new techniques and ideas for marketing. My favourite episode that I’ve listened to so far is The Road to Recognition by Barry Feldman. The podcast discusses Barry Feldman and Seth Price’s book which covers the topic of personal branding. Some people believe that personal branding isn’t a necessary practice and even Barry cedes that personal branding might not be for everyone. However, he does think that everyone can find benefits in the practice and even that businesses can find use in employees with good personal brands. Personal branding is discussed as a daily practice similar to regular hygiene. Feldman mentions an example that describes how powerful personal branding can be. The author says to think of kale. It was always a nutritious food but it wasn’t until recently, through techniques like personal branding, that it became such a popular and trendy vegetable.


These podcasts are great for any digital marketer, new or old. They are an excellent way to squeeze in some extra learning while you are doing some mundane tasks. What I love about The Marketing Book Podcast is that they not only cover interesting and relevant topics for digital marketing but they also are discussing books that would be interesting to read, many of which are working their way onto my Must-Read-Next Book List. What I love about The Digital Marketing Podcast is that they branch out into different formats and draw their inspiration from different sources. Between the frequency and breadth of topic, I think that these two podcasts encompass a lot of topics that are beneficial for all digital marketers. Do you have any favourite digital marketing podcasts? Let me know in the comments!

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4 Free Certifications That’ll Make You a Better Digital Marketer

inbound hubspot academy certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

These Four Free Certifications Will Make You Become a More Effective Digital Marketer

Having recently graduated from a graduate program at Fanshawe College for Marketing Management, I am actively seeking a position in digital marketing. I’ve been supplementing my diploma with free online certification courses across a range of applications. Not only do these courses provide a deeper understanding of how to be an effective digital marketer, but they also help round out my resume. So, I present four free online certifications that I recommend everyone get in order to be a more successful digital marketer.


HubSpot Academy

hubspot academy inbound certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

HubSpot Academy has about 7 different courses. Aside from their general main certification, you can get more specific certifications in email marketing, content marketing, contextual marketing, or develop your skills in sales through the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software. HubSpot teaches what they call an Inbound Methodology. You will be taught how to attract customers through channels like blogging, search engines, and social media. The key to inbound marketing is to create content that is designed for a specific segment of customer so that your marketing efforts do not seem interruptive. Once you get your certification the website allows you to proudly display your certification on your LinkedIn profile and use the badge on your website or resume.



Lynda lynda.com certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

Lynda.com has nearly 6000 different courses that you can take to enhance your digital marketing skills. In London, Ontario it is free for people that have a public library card. You can sign in to the website through the public library website. If you are located outside of London, Ontario then check with your public library to see if you have a similar partnership. I have yet to do a course with Lynda.com, but the videos look impressive and courses are taught by industry leaders. What’s cool about Lynda.com is that you can do individual courses that catch your attention or you can select a career path and it will populate a list of courses that you should take in order to become a master. Lynda.com has a wide range of course options such as: photography, video, 3D animation, web design, and many others. Lynda.com is also linked with LinkedIn so once you’re done your certifications you will be able to easily post the certifications to your profile.


Bing Certification

Bing ads accredited professional certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

Bing Ads offer a single certification to get you to be a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. It’s an impressive title and the content is very similar to the Google AdWords and Analytics certification. If you’ve already done those you might be successful by just attempting the exam right away. If you’re unsure about some of the content, I’d recommend going through some of their content and studying up. It doesn’t hurt to refresh yourself and there will be slight differences to the platforms. At the very least I’d recommend everyone read up on the platform information in order to be acquainted with the program.


Google Certifications

google adwords analytics shopping mobile display video mobile sites advertising certifications online free digital marketing benjamin jaremko blog

I know that basically everyone will have their Google AdWords and Google Analytics if they are planning to be a digital marketer but I’ve noticed that some people seem to stop at those two certifications. Google allows you to get certified for Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Sites. The information is invaluable and free! Take advantage of these freely available certifications. Aside from helping you to get a job, it will also help you to perform better within your job. By being a more effective digital marketer you will be able to provide better results for you clients.


Free certifications provide useful knowledge that you can actually use in your career and are often delivered by industry professionals. Accessing and using the information is a savvy way for you to stay up-to-date and show your employers that you are a self-starter and innovative. It is good to get into the habit of seeking out information to learn and better your skill-set. Do you know of any other free certification courses that I can try? Let me know in the comments.

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5 Podcasts that Every Millennial Should be Listening to

podcast benjamin jaremko millennials listen to podcasts

5 Podcasts for Millennials

Podcasts have been popular since 2005 when there was a huge surge in listeners, particularly millennials, and since then there has been a steady increase in popularity. Recently, I decided that I wanted to try to get into podcasts based on the recommendations of my friends. People had been telling me that they are great to listen to as you walk your dog, do dishes or chores, or as you drive somewhere. At first it sounded archaic. I imagined sitting around the radio in the living room with the family trying to catch your weekly story. However, it’s much more modern than that. Podcasts are usable on all portable devices which make them perfect for taking on the go. Typically, I’ve opted to listen to music while I’m travelling or cleaning. Is it really a chore if it feels like a party?

So, in the interest of breaking into the podcast life I reached out to my friends and asked them for recommendations on where to start. I received about 30 recommendations so I decided to start with the ones that had received recommendations by multiple people. If you, like me, are a millennial looking to get into the podcast game a little late, then I will make my recommendations for which ones you should begin with.

This American Life

this american life millennials listen to podcasts benjamin jaremkoThis American Life is a weekly standalone podcast. Each week introduces a new theme and the producers for This American Life will often mix up the format. Sometimes the program will feature essays or memoirs read in a first-person narrative. Other times the program will have recordings from outside of the studio or have a story told with a narrator. I found that This American Life was good for millennials because it produced real stories that seem to be missing in a world of Instagram filters and carefully calibrated Facebook posts. It also works with a shorter attention span. As a listener, you don’t have be dedicated to catching it every week in order to make sure you aren’t missing crucial details. Each week is a new story so there is little chance of spoilers and you can skip a show if you aren’t particularly interested in that topic.


S Town Millennials Listen to Podcasts Benjamin JaremkoS-Town is a podcast from the creators of Serial (another podcast that was recommended to me but I have not yet listened to) and This American Life. S-Town, not to be confused in any way with S Club 7, follows a story line with each succeeding episode continuing the story line. S-Town tells the story of a man that is investigating the son of a wealthy family. The investigation leads to a death and includes thrills like hidden treasure and learning about the mysteries of a man’s life. Millennials will enjoy this podcast because I don’t know many millennials that dislike murder, secrets, and intrigue. With 7 episodes, it will keep you engaged but it isn’t drawn out longer than it should be. *Cough* How I Met Your Mother *Cough*. Now that the HIMYM fans have left, let’s continue.


Criminal Millennials Listen to Podcasts Benjamin JaremkoCriminal is in some ways similar to This American Life. The episodes are not connected and cover real stories about real people. The twist is that the stories are about crime – people who’ve committed crimes, people whom have had crimes committed against them, and everything in between. As a millennial, this appealed to me because like I said before, who doesn’t like murder secrets and intrigue? Even on television, we have seen a rise in crime dramas like Making a Murder, How to Get Away with Murder, etc.

99% Invisible

99% invisible percent millennials listen to podcasts benjamin jaremko99% Invisible reminds me of the television show How It’s Made. 99% Invisible covers random topics that we typically don’t think about or consider questioning: What’s the deal with McMansions? How did one player redesign the way baseball is played today? What’s the origin of the fortune cookie? These topics are out of left field yet immensely fascinating. I, for one, am always interested in learning little bits of information that are mostly useful for cocktail parties.





mortified millennials listen to podcasts benjamin jaremkoMortified is one of the funniest podcasts that I’ve ever heard. The premise is that people will voluntarily come forward and read excerpts from their journals or diaries that they had kept as children and teenagers. The podcast is successful with everyone, not just millennials, as it is completely relatable. Everyone has similar fears, worries, and joys as children growing up and there is a certain level of comfort that comes with listening to Mortified. For most, the concept of having your journal or diary read aloud to strangers is a nightmare but by the end of an episode you will either be wishing you had kept one or running to go find yours. Nostalgic and sincere, Mortified, is definitely a podcast that everyone should check out.


Podcasts are designed to engage your attention when you are doing something that doesn’t involve much thought. On my journey to discover an interest in podcasts, I was surprised to find that there are podcasts for every topic and every mood. If you are looking to learn then you will find educational podcasts, if you are looking to be entertained you will be entertained, and if you are looking to expand your interests you will find podcasts that will introduce you to new topics. Podcasts are a wonderful tool to fill silences while you are cleaning, commuting, walking, or lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Let me know what you think of my top 5 recommendations in the comments below, and be sure to share your favourites, too.

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5 Money Saving Tips for Every Millennial

Saving money millennial money saving tips

How To Save Money as a Millennial

One of the biggest challenges for Millennials (most research groups agree that Millennials were born between the years of 1980 and 1995) is that we face massive amounts of debt. Between the rising cost of tuition, student debt, and high levels of unemployment, a rising percentage of Millennials are living at home with their parents. Luckily, we are the most educated generation in history so we just need to make sure that we are smart in our approach to saving money. Allow me to present my millennial money saving tips:

Piggy Bank Millennial Money Saving TipsMillennial Money Saving Tips #1: Move part of your pay cheque directly to savings.

If you set this up directly through your bank you won’t even notice it missing! This is a great way of setting aside money without the temptation of using it. If you’re lucky, you’ll forget all about it until a rainy day. The main challenge with this method is resisting the urge to dip into the savings.  Another smart idea is to have a buddy system.  Ask a friend, parent, or partner to help you keep track of the funds so that you won’t break!


Money Tier Millennial Money Saving TipsMillennial Money Saving Tips #2: Wait before making purchases.

This is a good way to make sure that you aren’t spending your money recklessly.  Set up a tiered system for how long you have to wait for purchases that are priced over a certain amount.  For example, you should wait 24 hours for purchases over $50; 72 hours for purchases over $100; 1 week for purchases over $200; and a month for purchases over $500. Before you purchase that $100 pair of sunglasses that you look so ridiculously good wearing stop and consider if the pair you already have are perfectly good or whether you can actually afford to spend that money. Perhaps you can find a pair that looks similar but is a fraction of the price. The key here is to really consider your purchases. 


Mint Millennial Money Saving TipsMillennial Money Saving Tips #3: Download an app that tracks your money usage.

There are a lot of great apps that can help you keep track of your money and even offer advice on how to manage your money. For example, Mint, by the makers at Intuit, helps you divvy up your money between bills and entertainment and also helps you put some of that money away. The app was designed by the same people that designed the trustworthy TurboTax software. My favourite thing about Mint is that the app links directly to your bank account, taking up-to-date information so that you don’t have to remember to log it. Check out Mint here.


Planning to Retire Millennial Money Saving TipsMillennial Money Saving Tips #4: Plan for your retirement.

Sometimes as Millennials we can be a little short-sighted. It’s easy to live in the present and leave tomorrow’s worries for our future selves. However, you need to make sure that you’re being mindful that you’re putting money away for when you’re no longer working.  The worst thing that you can do is defer responsibility to start saving and tucking money away.  Even if it’s $20 a month, start putting money into an RRSP account.  If you can, get your work to match that amount!


Cut It Out Millennial Money Saving TipsMillennial Money Saving Tips #5: Cut it out.

This is the hardest tip. Even I am accustomed to my almost daily fix of Starbucks but sometimes it’s simply not affordable. Review your purchases for the past month and estimate how much you spend on luxury items in a week. Sometimes simply seeing how much you are spending weekly on these items can be shocking enough to prompt you to cut back.  Try to limit yourself on those items by setting a weekly budget that is more affordable and more reasonable and then stick to that budget.  Instead of getting coffee at your favourite cafe, consider buying your preferred blend and making a pot of coffee at home.  You might have to wake up ten minutes earlier but it is much more economical. 



Just remember, we are the most educated generation to date, so we are very capable of thinking through this economic crisis and making sure that we don’t have to work ourselves into the grave. 

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